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Home Impact of Alcohol on Self-harm and Crisis Intervention
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Facilitated By: Zest

Impact of Alcohol on Self-harm & Crisis Intervention

Programme Outline ;

Impact of Alcohol on Self Harm ( am) - Crisis Intervention (pm)


  1. Definitions and understanding of self-harm terminology.
  2. Most recent statistical information on self-harm in Northern Ireland.
  3. Understanding self-harm: Key Life Themes.
  4. Understanding self-harm: Functions and Meanings.
  5. ‘The Person Behind the Behaviour’: a developmental psychology overview of personality.


  1. Definitions and understanding of alcohol use/misuse/abuse and dependency.
  2. Most recent Statistical evidence of the presence of alcohol in self-harm and suicide episodes.
  3. Understanding Alcohol: pharmacology, physical and psychological effects.

Working with Self-harm and Alcohol:

  1. Effect of alcohol abuse on self-harm and suicidal behaviour.
  2. Working with the two issues simultaneously: identifying needs.
  3. Crisis Intervention Skills: overview
  4. Skills practice.
  5. Referral Pathways.

Event Notes

Training delivered Online

Training Course Details
Training Course Details
ProgrammeClear Project
Event / CourseImpact of Alcohol on Self-harm and Crisis Intervention
LocationOn-line via Zoom
Session 112/10/2023 at 09:30 to 15:30
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